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Biodatapharma offers several Artificial Intelligence Solutions within Lifesciences.


Our Account Development Team and our Consultants work together with our Lifesciences & HealthCare Customers for a smooth transition from Industry 3.0 into Industry 4.0.

The technologies BDP uses are used by Multinationals and other corporations; BDP works with compatible interfaces to achieve the best outputs with the best input analytics.

The Digitalization, Wellbeing, Sustainability and Social Security Systems require all to be aligned and in place for a Modern and Wealthy Society. Biodatapharma, always innovative and in mind with key principles, is committed to work together to make it move forward. 

Our Team of Experts is composed of IT Front End and Back End Experts,  Data Base Experts, Programming/Coding Experts, Embedded Engineer, IoT and Firmware, Interface Connections,
Data Scientists, Artificial Intelligence Experts, Software Developers, Juridical Experts in AI technology & Lifesciences, Graphic & Multimedia Digital Designers, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Biostatisticians, Algorithm Developers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers,  Bioinformatics, Process Engineers, Agrofood Engineers, Drug Development, Clinical Trials and Computational Engineering, Genetic & MicroEngineering, NanoTech Engineers, Longevity Technology Experts, and others such as Business and Digital Communication & Marketing in AI Healthcare and Lifesciences.


Case Studies

Our Case Studies

Digitize the production data and structure the data from existing data points as well as new data points. 

Provide insights and set up improvement processes that can ensure continuous improvement and follow-up. 

Biodatapharma works remotely 24/7.  Click above for more information related to the case study and for a meeting.

Our team also supports on converting manual processes into automatized processes to make it possible to have a fully integrated process 4.0.

Our Immersive VR/AV team worked to optimize  a machine; some of the small parts were designed and manipulated virtually allowing the company to reduce costs compared to the traditional systems. 

This is applicable to other type of services. Click above for more information related to the case study and for a meeting.

Integrated Internet of Things (IoT) with Sensors in Machines;

Additionally the integrated farming with embedded systems in order to optimize production, avoid losses and increase industry efficencies.

AI is helping doctors optimizing Migraine detection, improving (mis) diagnosis.

Usability studies make part of medical device development.

Biodatapharma develops usability studies and integrated AI, and uses also AI to integrate development files such as Engineering reports , data files, DHF files, and others for a continuous improvement process and sucessful delivery. 

Development of an APP with AI supporting healthcare professional in detecting early depression and also stimulating the patient to act based on app advice to seek for anonymous support; the app is connected to several experts.

AI supporting on reducing infections on Elderly with accurate and fast action; positive impact on elderly care budget.

AI and Legislation Integration.  AI supports lawyers in defining the best strategy, for the best outcomes.

Using AI to improve clinical trials and drug development.

AI supports also QA&RA departments, and Control Change Systems departments for increased performance.

Pediatric misdiagnosis is a current emerging topic. AI on improving imaging systems and pediatric diagnosis for better prognosis. 

A Market Strategy Department requested to use AI in order to get the best competitive advantage over their competitors using big data.

Auditing is more and more requesting AI to focus on key relevant topics.

A client required internal dedicated training to the IT team and also training to some of the non-IT personnel involved in AI projects. The goal was to recall coding/programming to the IT team, with a dedicated program. For the non-IT  personnel, a specific dedicated program was also designed. Several team members with different backgrounds, were making part of the same project and was relevant to have a common understanding of certain topics.

AI tools supporting project managers to manage and communicate better with multidisciplinary teams.

AI supports precision medicine and longevity technologies for better outcomes

the cases above are not exhaustive

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